March Recap — Flying Higher

OnFinality partners with BitCountry, to provide a scalable API service and node management platform on the Pioneer Network, enabling BitCountry's development team to keep building the metaverse without distraction.

March Recap — Flying Higher

March by the Numbers

  • Our largest ever day in the month of March, with over 903 Million requests in a single day was on the 2nd!
  • 24.4 Billion requests in March over our 40 supported networks, up 11% from February
  • At the end of March, we had served over 24 Billion requests in OnFinality’s lifetime (16 months)
  • We had a max two-day period of over 1.8 Billion requests between 1st-2nd March
  • Over 68 terabytes of data egress from OnFinality’s API endpoints in March, up 1% from February
  • We announced a new partnership with BitCountry
  • We released the “Lightning Restore” feature

March Report

After hitting our goal to reach 1 billion requests in a single day back in January, in March we recorded over 24 billion API requests to come closer to averaging 1 billion a day! In 2022 we’ve had over 69 billion requests, up 7600% for the same 3 months in 2021. In total, we had 77.8 Billion for the entire 2021 year so this just shows you how 2022 is going!

March 2nd was our highest day with over 903 million requests in a single 24 hour period. This was 97m under our record we hit back in January of 1 Billion requests in a 24 hour period, a decrease of 9.7%. With an average of 787 million requests per day, we exceeded the February total due mostly to the number of days as well as the increased average.

Comparing March 2021 with March 2022 is almost unbelievable with an increase of 24 billion requests or 5105%!


In March, we were pleased to announce our partnership with BitCountry, the “Mothership of User-generated Metaverses”. BitCountry partnered with OnFinality to utilise our Enhanced API Service to provide a scalable API service and node management platform on the Pioneer Network.

Justin Pham, CTO of BitCountry & Metaverse.Network shared, “Our partnership with OnFinality’s API and Node infrastructure helps us quickly and effortlessly deploy Pioneer nodes. We believe in next generation innovation and the world-leading expertise of OnFinality and their support enables our devs to work on the Pioneer and Metaverse networks and keep building the metaverse without distraction.”

Product Updates

In March we released Lightning Restore, an incredible leap forward in the dedicated node deployment process.

Instead of waiting hours, if not days, for nodes to sync with the latest blocks on the chain, OnFinality’s Lightning Restore reduces initial sync times down to seconds. OnFinality already supports Lightning Restore across most supported networks and in multiple regions allowing you to save time and money.

Lightning Restore automatically takes frequent backups of OnFinality’s managed nodes across the 30+ supported networks every few minutes. When you next deploy a dedicated node, OnFinality will automatically use this backup to perform Lightning Restore on your new node.

Looking back to the past

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