5 Types of dApps You Can Build With OnFinality

OnFinality, a multi-chain infrastructure provider shares how they help the various types of dApp teams Build Smarter.

5 Types of dApps You Can Build With OnFinality

In the fast-evolving world of blockchain technology, Decentralised Applications (dApps) have emerged as a crucial component, providing innovative solutions across various industries.

As a web3 infrastructure provider, OnFinality plays a pivotal role in facilitating the growth and development of dApps by providing easy-to-use, reliable and scalable API and node solutions for web3 builders to automatically test, deploy, scale and monitor their projects.

In this article, we will explore five types of dApps that you can build using OnFinality's powerful development tools and infrastructure.

DeFi (Decentralised Finance) Applications

Decentralised Finance, or DeFi, has been one of the most significant success stories in the blockchain space. OnFinality's infrastructure enables developers to create DeFi applications with ease.

DApps like decentralised exchanges (DEXs), lending platforms, yield farming protocols, and stablecoin systems can leverage OnFinality's scalable APIs and nodes to ensure seamless and secure operations.

By utilising OnFinality’s robust infrastructure, developers can offer users improved liquidity, reduced transaction costs, and enhanced security.

For example, Polkadex, a fully decentralised peer-to-peer orderbook-based cryptocurrency exchange, uses OnFinality’s one-click node solution to enable anyone to join the Polkadex ecosystem in a matter of clicks.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Marketplaces

The rise of NFTs has revolutionised the digital art, gaming, and collectibles industries.

Building NFT marketplaces requires a robust and reliable blockchain infrastructure, and OnFinality provides precisely that. Developers can create dApps that enable users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs seamlessly on the blockchain.

Our scalable APIs and nodes ensure that NFT marketplaces can handle high transaction volumes and deliver an exceptional user experience.

That is why NFT-powered projects like Enjin relies on OnFinality to provide mission-critical infrastructure while their core development team focuses on delivering an equitable, democratised and value-driven Metaverse on Efinity and Polkadot.

Blockchain Gaming and GameFi dApps

Blockchain gaming and GameFi dApps are gaining tremendous popularity due to their distinctive features, such as genuine asset ownership and verifiably fair gameplay.

OnFinality's scalable APIs and nodes provide developers the necessary infrastructure to create gaming dApps with seamless user experiences, low-latency interactions, and secure asset management.

From blockchain-based MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) to virtual reality experiences, OnFinality offers vast possibilities for innovation.

We are proud to be supporting the evolution of games with DFK Chain, one of the first major EVM Subnets on the Avalanche blockchain.

Governance and DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) dApps

Governance dApps and DAOs are at the forefront of decentralised decision-making processes.

OnFinality's infrastructure facilitates the creation of dApps that enable voting, proposal submission, and governance-related activities.

These applications allow communities to have a voice in the decision-making process, providing a fair and decentralised way to manage projects, funds, and protocol upgrades.

Edgeware DAO, a blockchain network focused on funding and promoting open collectives through decentralised governance, uses OnFinality to enable access to public nodes, so users can communicate securely with Edgeware.

DID (Decentralised Identifiers) Applications

DIDs are the foundation of self-sovereign identity on the blockchain. OnFinality facilitates the development of innovative dApps using its scalable APIs and nodes.

Developers can build secure and privacy-focused applications where users control their data and interact seamlessly with decentralised services.

OnFinality's reliable infrastructure supports DID systems, empowering developers to revolutionise decentralised identity management.

Find out how OnFinality is helping to unlock a world of equal opportunities for all with DID aggregation protocols such as Litentry.


OnFinality offers developers a gateway to a diverse range of DApps, spanning from DeFi to NFTs and beyond.

By harnessing the power of OnFinality's scalable APIs and nodes, you can now confidently create secure and efficient applications in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

Build Smarter with OnFinality. 😎

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