OnFinality provides infrastructure to support Calamari Network’s launch

OnFinality provides scalable API services to help parachains cope with the influx of requests via PolkadotJS during a network launch. It also provides a one-click node service for web3 developers to deploy their own Calamari full and collator nodes in a few clicks.

OnFinality provides infrastructure to support Calamari Network’s launch

OnFinality, a leading blockchain infrastructure as a service platform, is pleased to announce its close partnership with the Calamari Network. OnFinality’s infrastructure tools have been a critical component to Calamari’s successful test network launch as OnFinality continues to provide globally distributed Enhanced API service for developer applications.

Calamari’s global community of on-chain privacy applications can now benefit from high-performance RPC archive nodes when they connect to the Calamari network.

This service is currently online and can be connected to via these endpoints:

How Calamari and OnFinality worked together

OnFinality works collaboratively with each of its partners to provide infrastructure guidance and support in advance of any network launch and is one of the reasons why every parachain team so far has relied on OnFinality to provide scalable API services. Even before Calamari, Manta Network’s canary-net, won its coveted Kusama parachain slot, the team at OnFinality had already been working hard to prepare for Calamari’s first block.

By this stage, OnFinality had deployed a network of public bootnodes to help start the Calamari network. Bootnodes are a critical component of every new network that allows a new node to discover the rest of the network and start indexing. OnFinality commonly runs a network of bootnodes in the early days of a network to assist with the influx of new validator nodes that begin to onboard as soon as a parathread becomes a parachain.

Additionally, OnFinality worked to prepare and launch a high performance cluster of full archive nodes connected to a load balancing gateway. From the experience gained over the last 12 parachain launches, OnFinality has developed a series of strategies to cope with the huge influx of requests via PolkadotJS that typically arrive in the hours after a launch.

During parachain launch, Calamari was affected by an issue with the core Kusama relaychain that resulted in certain nodes not syncing past a certain block height. As a result, OnFinality were able to provide a full node database to the Manta team that allowed them to launch Calamari on time.

Why Manta & Calamari partner with OnFinality for infrastructure

OnFinality’s mission is to support all blockchain organisations in the world by providing core infrastructure so they can focus on their core businesses. OnFinality’s API Service is free for the Calamari community (within fair usage limits) and is built with scalability in mind. OnFinality is serving over 600 million JSON RPC requests to its public API service every day.

OnFinality also provides a one-click-deploy node service that allows customers to deploy their own Calamari full and collator nodes in OnFinality’s platform.

“We are really happy to partner closely with the team at OnFinality to help with Manta’s infrastructure needs. We expect to see huge growth with Calamari in the near future and are confident that we will be able to scale to this demand with the help of OnFinality” says Shumo Chu, core contributor at Manta/Calamari.

Sam Zou, CEO of OnFinality, “Our relationship with Calamari is a model of how OnFinality works with our customers — we see our customers as partners and our team goes the extra step to help each and every one. We look forward to a long future working closely with Manta and Calamari”.

You can run production applications that need performant access to the Calamari network using OnFinality’s services. OnFinality will actively manage these clusters; as requests and usage increase they will dynamically scale their infrastructure to maintain service levels to OnFinality’s users. You can read more about OnFinality’s infrastructure here.

About Calamari and Manta

Manta Network is the on-chain privacy solution for blockchain assets build from the first principle. In short term, Manta will be a product that enables high-performance private DeFi transactions, such as FT/NFT transfer and AMM styled swap. In the long term, Manta will be the platform for privacy-preserving blockchain applications.

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About OnFinality

OnFinality is a SaaS platform that provides infrastructure and developer tools that save developers hours and allows you to grow with confidence. OnFinality’s mission is to help blockchain and dApp developers build the decentralised future faster.

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