OnFinality Helps Developers Manage Multiple dApps Easily

OnFinality, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, allows web3 developers on Polkadot, Avalanche and Cosmos to deploy multiple API keys in a single workspace.

OnFinality Helps Developers Manage Multiple dApps Easily

OnFinality, Polkadot’s leading blockchain infrastructure provider, introduces Multi-Apps to help developers manage multiple applications easily, accelerating time to market.

When you’re building large enterprise applications from scratch, you often have to manage multiple API keys and app analytics to effectively secure and analyse your application. OnFinality’s Multi-Apps aim to help make developers’ lives easier and maximise productivity by allowing developers to manage multiple dApps faster from a single workspace.

Today we are introducing a new feature in OnFinality called Multi-Apps. Multi-Apps is a container for your set of API keys, dashboards, and analytics all organised in one place within your OnFinality workspace. You can create, independently manage, and view dashboards for multiple API apps, for example one for “Nova Wallet backend” and another for “Nova Wallet iOS staging”. This enables you to analyse separate analytics for each application to better understand your users.

Open the API Service menu to see an overview of your apps and their usage in your workspace.

Once you access the API Service menu, you can easily add or delete an app, or reset API Keys with just a few simple clicks. You can also view your total requests on your workspace’s historical usage across 24 hours, 7 days or 30 days or via a daily breakdown by app.

Multi-Apps also allow you to monitor your App’s Environment and manage each individual network request and its accompanying analytics via the app dashboard.

“We are very proud to announce our latest feature to the OnFinality service. Making your developers’ lives easier with easy to use, efficient software, is really important to us. So our latest development means that you can deploy multiple API keys within your single workspace. We strive to enhance our services and systems to better enable your teams.”

— Gary Cashman, Head of Customer Success

Multi-Apps is the first of many new features that OnFinality is bringing to our API Service dashboard to help developers learn more about their users and networks, and then scale new features to solve these problems. With OnFinality’s Multi-Apps, developers can now better focus their time and resources on their core products, and build powerful UIs for their front end and use cases.

You can access the new Multi-Apps through app.onfinality.io.

About OnFinality

OnFinality is a SaaS platform that provides infrastructure and developer tools that saves developers hours and allows teams to grow with confidence. Our mission is to help blockchain and dApp developers build the decentralised future faster.

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