OnFinality Expands to Support Compound Finance

OnFinality supports Compound Finance, one of the largest lending protocols in the DeFi space, with public API endpoints and dedicated nodes for web3 developers to access Compound Gateway in a few clicks.

OnFinality Expands to Support Compound Finance

OnFinality is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of the Compound Grants Program and now fully supports Compound Gateway.

The Compound Grant Program is designed to provide grants to ideas and projects that benefit Compound Finance and its ecosystem. With the recently launched Compound Gateway test network that is built on Substrate, there will be a new ecosystem of developers and applications with the aim of changing the face of modern finance.

OnFinality’s mission is to support these blockchain and dApp developers by providing infrastructure and developer tools. As the leading Polkadot IaaS (infrastructure as a service) platform, OnFinality has the track record and scale to support Compound Gateway. That’s why it was awarded a grant to fully support Compound Gateway in its platform.

Compound Finance is one of the largest lending protocols in the DeFi space so we are very excited to provide support for Compound Gateway through our free scalable API service — Sam Zou (CEO of OnFinality)

OnFinality is now providing a scalable free Compound Gateway public API service so that everyone can access a public pool of managed Compound nodes. This provides the following three outcomes:

  • Grow the Compound Gateway ecosystem by reducing the barriers to entry to access a high performance nodes
  • Help scale existing projects building in the Compound Gateway ecosystem by providing infrastructure services that can be depended on
  • Assist with the testing of the Compound Gateway network by providing valuable data back to the community on how nodes are operating and scaling as the network traffic increases

There are three ways that the Compound Gateway community can now access free high performance shared nodes on the OnFinality platform:

1. Directly via the Public API Endpoints

Compound Gateway community members can access OnFinality’s enhanced API service in a minute using the following two public endpoints:

HTTPS: https://compound.api.onfinality.io/public

Websocket: wss://compound.api.onfinality.io/public-ws

Try it out in Polkadot.JS

2. Directly via their own Private API Endpoint

The API Service dashboard n OnFinality

By creating their own API key in OnFinality, users access OnFinality’s enhanced API service with the addition of insightful metrics and reporting. Free private API keys can be requested from app.onfinality.io

3. Dedicated Nodes

Compound Gateway community members can create their own validators by using our one-click dedicated node deployments in app.onfinality.io (extra charges apply)

A new dedicated node deployed to Compound Gateway in a single click

OnFinality expects that this is the first of many public proposals to the Compound Gateway. We look forward to serving this community, and helping Compound Gateway achieve their goals.


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