KILT Partners with OnFinality to Offer RPC Services at Launch

OnFinality supports KILT Protocol with a globally distributed API service and a one-click-deploy node service for web3 blockchain developers to deploy validator and collator nodes in a few clicks.

KILT Partners with OnFinality to Offer RPC Services at Launch

OnFinality, a leading blockchain infrastructure as a service platform, is providing scalable RPC (Remote Procedure Call) services to KILT Protocol from the first block. OnFinality’s globally distributed API service provides reliable and scalable endpoints for developer applications. KILT’s global community can now benefit from high-performance RPC archive nodes when they build decentralised, verifiable credentials on the KILT network.

This service is currently online and can be connected to via these endpoints:

  • wss://

Why KILT is working with OnFinality

OnFinality’s mission is to support all blockchain organisations in the world by providing core infrastructure so they can focus on their core businesses. OnFinality’s API Service is free for the KILT community (within fair usage limits) and is built with scalability in mind. OnFinality is serving over 200 million JSON RPC requests to its public API service every day.

OnFinality also provides a one-click-deploy node service that allows customers to deploy their own KILT Spiritnet validator and collator nodes in OnFinality’s platform.

“Working with the OnFinality team was a seamless experience as we secured a Kusama parachain and launched mainnet last week. We are very aligned in our mission to support builders across the Polkadot ecosystem”, said Ingo Rübe, founder of KILT Protocol and CEO of BOTLabs GmbH.

Sam Zou, CEO of OnFinality, “We admire what KILT is working on, providing a fundamental identity service for blockchain developers, which has parallels to OnFinality’s focus on fundamental infrastructure services. Our team has really enjoyed working with KILT, their professionalism is unrivaled in this industry and they’ve provided OnFinality with extremely useful feedback on our service”.

You can run production applications that need performant access to the KILT network using OnFinality’s services. OnFinality will actively manage these clusters; as requests and usage increase they will dynamically scale their infrastructure to maintain service levels to OnFinality’s users. You can read more about OnFinality’s infrastructure here.

About KILT Protocol

KILT is an open-source blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous and verifiable credentials for Web 3.0. KILT enables innovative business models around identity and privacy, addressing the need for reliable identity solutions in the digital world. It allows users to claim personal attributes, have them attested by trusted entities, and store the claims as self-sovereign credentials. KILT Protocol is developed by BOTLabs GmbH in Berlin and is the technology on which SocialKYC, a decentralised identity verification service, is built.

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About OnFinality

OnFinality is a SaaS platform that provides infrastructure and developer tools that saves developers hours and allows you to grow with confidence. Their mission is to help blockchain and dApp developers build the decentralised future faster.

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