Run your own Centrifuge Validator Using OnFinality

OnFinality announces support for the Centrifuge Chain. Web3 developers can now deploy and run a Centrifuge Chain node in a few clicks.

Run your own Centrifuge Validator Using OnFinality

Run your own Centrifuge NodeUsing OnFinality

Today, we’re pleased to announce the Centrifuge Chain is now supported by OnFinality. In only a few clicks, you can now deploy and run a Centrifuge Chain node

Centrifuge Chain is the gateway for real-world assets to the Blockchain Multiverse. It’s built on Parity Substrate with an initial bridge to Ethereum which allows faster progress and a consistent approach for certain features. Centrifuge chain enables decentralised business asset ownership and exchange in order to connect the global financial supply chain.

Any node can offer itself as a Validator candidate, but only a limited number will be selected. Only top Validators by stake are elected into the Validator Set. Validators can stake their own RAD and can be elected by staked Nominators. Validators must run a full node and directly particiate in block authorship, finality, and validity checks. They are able to choose a reward commission that is taken up-front from the reward before splitting the remainder with Nominators. Validators must stay online and available with very high up-time. They will be held responsible and incur slashing penalties for deliberate attacks, running modified software, severe bugs in the code, and unresponsiveness, to name just a few slashing conditions.

OnFinality helps blockchain developers around the world deploy and manage infrastructure to different protocols and networks. You can let OnFinality manage deployments, infrastructure and security so you can focus on building your next dApp.

We’ve written a short guide to show you just how easy it is to deploy a Centrifuge node that you can read here.