OnFinality Provides Developers Node Metric Endpoint

OnFinality, Polkadot’s largest infrastructure provider, releases a node metric endpoint for web3 developers to gain better visibility into their blockchain networks.

OnFinality Provides Developers Node Metric Endpoint

OnFinality releases a node metric endpoint to help customers manage nodes

OnFinality is Polkadot’s largest infrastructure provider for a reason — we build tools that make it easier than ever to deploy, boot, run, monitor, and scale nodes in your custom substrate network, or any of the 60 public networks that OnFinality supports. Today we are adding another commonly requested feature that allows developers to better monitor their OnFinality hosted nodes — secure access to substrate exposed metrics from the node.

By connecting to this endpoint, developers can do more to automate monitoring and alerting of any issues with nodes running in OnFinality. This is especially important for our validator customers, who ask for detailed health statistics on their nodes. Customers can use external tools like Grafana to create dashboards from this live prometheus data, follow this excellent tutorial by Substrate to learn how.

“Visibility into the operations of blockchain networks is essential to success. From the moment when we first approached the OnFinality team with the need for secure metrics reporting on the Nodle Network through to general availability of the Metrics API endpoint, they’ve served as a reliable, trusted development partner. I can’t wait to discover how other teams put these new service endpoints to use.” — Nicholas Young, Nodle
Monitoring of a selection of nodes in Prometheus

This new feature will also be incredibly valuable for monitoring network health, OnFinality’s partner Nodle have been testing this in beta as it is critical for a network that will be running smart contract-like operations on low powered devices. Customers have indicated that they will be able to take the live node metrics and use it in business specific data feeds for different divisions including leadership and finance teams to build shared understanding of their network.

Current best block for all monitored nodes

Read the documentation on how to connect to your node’s metrics here

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