December Recap — A Very Big Year

OnFinality helped launch the first five parachains on Polkadot (Acala, Moonbeam, Astar, Parallel Finance and Clover Finance) with reliable, scalable and high performance RPC API services.

December Recap — A Very Big Year

December by the Numbers

  • Our largest ever day so far, with over 884.5 million requests in a single day.
  • 19.85 Billion requests in December over our 26 supported networks, down 2% from November
  • At the end of December, we had served over 6.4 Zillion requests in OnFinality’s lifetime (12 months)
  • We had a max two-day period of over 1.679 Billion requests between 1st-2nd December
  • Over 65.3 terabytes of data egress from OnFinality’s API endpoints in December, up 2% from November
  • Launching all Polkadot Parachains
  • Public Release 20

December Report

Each and every month we look forward to the confirmation of API requests. Our current goal of 1 billion requests a day has always seemed audacious, but now we look at these daily responses knowing that we’re going to achieve this any day now. Last month we recorded 19.6 billion API requests and crossed the 77 billion total requests threshold.

Month by month we see incredible numbers. December was no exception with our highest ever day on the 1st of December with over 884 million requests in a single 24 hour period This beat our last record of 804 million requests in a 24 hour period in November, an increase of 5% or over 80 million!


OnFinality’s mission is to support all blockchain organisations in the world by providing critical infrastructure so they can focus on their core businesses. On December 18th, all 5 Polkadot parachain teams started simultaneously as the first ever Polkadot Parachains with OnFinality supporting them all from the first block.

Acala, Moonbeam, Astar, Parallel Finance, and Clover Finance all worked with OnFinality to ensure their communities had reliable, scalable, and high performance RPC API services from the outset. In many cases, OnFinality was running bootnodes for these networks that allowed others to start nodes and participate.

“OnFinality has provided vital and scalable API services for Moonbeam since the early days of the Moonbase Alpha TestNet through to production. We’ve worked closely with their team and have been able to rely on them for quality infrastructure and prompt response times” said Tim Baldwin, VP of Engineering at Moonbeam. Sota Watanabe, the Founder and Director of Astar shared “Making a stable network is our highest priority now and OnFinality has already been supporting both Shiden Network and Dusty Network”, Bryan Chen, the CTO of Acala adds, “Ultimately OnFinality’s community API service allows me to sleep at night.”


In December we also released our Public Release version 19. The main feature of the release was that Public GitHub images are now supported for creating and managing network images.

The reason for building this was that we previously only supported Docker Hub images while GitHub is very popular. In these cases we needed to build client network images ourselves as they didn’t support Docker Hub. The change will save us time, but also mean network owners who primarily use GitHub images will no longer need to maintain their images in Docker Hub.

In addition to this, the release also included adding support for different argument types such as Environment Rules. These arguments are now fully supported when deploying a new node with that network. The rationale for this feature was that different argument types were not being segregated in the node deployment user interface and grouping arguments by type makes their purpose clearer and makes deploying a new node easier.

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